Anterior Approach Hip Replacement FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Replacement advantages include:

  • Can be performed as an outpatient procedure
  • Surgical times average 30-45 minutes
  • No restrictions or limitations following surgery
  • Return to driving in 7-10 days
  • Return to work in 2 weeks
  • Truly minimally invasive, no muscles are cut
  • Minimal blood loss (no donation or transfusion)
  • No bladder catheterization or pain pumps
  • More accurate than robotic surgery

As a hip and knee replacement surgeon, many people will come to see me already knowing they need a hip or knee replaced. However, when further conservative options exist, I will direct their care to non-surgical treatments. I see about 5,000 patient visits a year with 1,200 of them as new patients. Since I typically perform 400 replacements per year, about 1 in 3 new patients choose surgery. In other words, not every patient who walks through the door is a candidate for surgery. We look at their options and take the course of treatments that we decide works best for them.

  • Pain and disability are our guides. When pain is poorly managed or lifestyle changes become unacceptable surgery becomes indicted.
  • X-ray appearance is only supportive of the diagnosis. It does not determine when surgery should be performed.
  • Age is not a criteria
  • There is no such thing as waiting too long.
  • If placed in expert fashion, they all work the same.
  • There are no studies to support the superior function of one device over another.
  • There are historically few design failures or recalls.
  • Your surgeon is your best resource.

Hospital stay is 0 to 4 days depending on health, activity level and safety needs. Walking with some assistance occurs just a few hours after surgery. PT begins on the day of surgery and continues for 2-6 weeks based on progress toward functional goals.

Operation times are generally 30-45 minutes. Total time from departure to recovery room is approximately 60 minutes. Volume produces efficiency and efficiency lessens complications.

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